Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Tonight, I am making dinner. What happened is my 18 year old son (Luke) is sleeping over at Wedgie's house, and my 18 year old daughter (Lea) is going out with Hon, I have decided to make dinner. My Butler (See3P0) is taking R2 out to a movie. My wife is at her bi-weekly "Let's-Figure-Out-How-to-Vacuum-and-Dust-as-Quickly-As We-Can" club (a.k.a the "L.F.O.H.V.D.Q.W.C." club, or "Cleaning Club"). So I am setting up a romantic night. I have ordered flowers. (I even washed some Jeddi Mart bags. For some reason Padmae has this new thing where she washes those bags to reuse them...) I hope this will make Padmae more patient with me. (I blew up last night about her dog making an ...um... a MESS on my laptop!)

BTW: Wendu got back today from visiting his mom. She is better.

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  1. Do you think Padmae is going to want to have our Sith Mart bags? Darth Vadir has them filling up his closet!