Friday, May 21, 2010

That Boy!!!

Well, as you readers know, Luke got that job at Lightsabers 'R Us in February. Well, yesterday, his truck was attacked by bandits.  I know I know...  In this day and age, it is unusual for bandits to attack an armored truck.  Luke has had a lot of training but he kinda got flustered and nervous.  He was especially scared because his backup gunner for the truck was on vacation so he was by himself.  So he called me for help!  That in itself is unusual!  Anyway, his old man came to the rescue and fought those bandits with strength and vigor!  I didn't get any of them, but eventually got conked on the head with a stout branch by of them that came up from behind.  Finally, when I came to, there was this guy in a pinstripe suit and a gray tie standing over me.  He smiled when I woke up and held his hand out to me.
"Grant Smorckthrust. CEO of Lightsabers 'R Us training videos."
I said, "Anikin Skywriter.  Professional lightsaber fighter and Jeddi knight."
I probably shouldn't have said that.  He smiled the type of smile that said that he was trying to contain an outburst of laughter and said, "We apologize for you getting knocked out.  We had to use you for a training video."
I must have looked perplexed because he said, "We worked out a deal with your son.  We told him that we hadn't made a video on what NOT to do during an attack from bandits.  So, we are paying him a little extra for this special help.  He acted the unprofessional armored truck driver; doing all the things you shouldn't do in a situation like this.  First of all, he let his backup gunner go on a break, so he was by himself.  Second, he got nervous.  And finally, he called an untrained civilian to protect him."
I was appalled!  My own son had used me for a video all for a little extra pay!  Untrained indeed!  I glared at him and I have to admit he looked a little sheepish...  This only reminds me that I may need to ban him from MY Xbox for a whole month or something.

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