Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Finally Over...

Last night was our BIG play.  And believe me, it was a big deal.  Master Yoduh broke his sword AGAIN.  So he just grabbed a broom that was laying around.  I will never know why they had to have a broom as a prop in a Romeo and Juliet play.  Anyway, as a broom is more painful than a plastic sword, let's just say that Yoduh "killed" Tybalt quicker than we rehearsed.

I think we will be doing a couple more classes.  But the big play is done!

Anyway, the Jeddi have had a change of plans.  They got me a disguise and I am going to work under cover at McDukoo's.  Maybe I should sabotage the burger bins or something.  I just wish this fake beard didn't make me itch so much...

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