Friday, March 6, 2009

Jeddi Mart Lightsaber Prices

I just got back to my hotel from the Jeddi Mart factory here on Hothe. It looks like the have a way better deal than Lightsabers 'R Us. They sell lightsabers for $4.50 a piece and will give them to us for $4.10 a piece if we buy the family pack of 20 lightsabers. Since Mr. Piggly, the owner of Lightsabers 'R Us said he will beat any deal I can find, maybe I can get a family pack for $4.09 a piece. This is hard to believe that Hothe had better deals than Moss Eyesley (since Hothe is amazingly farther away from Corisaunt [the location of the Jeddi temple] than Moss Eyesley is...which makes trips way more expensive) because of atrocious gas prices. But, a good deal is a good deal. But just to be safe, I will look at the deals that the Gun, Ammo, and Beyond store has. Their headquarters are on Uvo X. I will get there tomorrow. (I hate working on weekends!)

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