Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Oh wait, sorry, that's in baseball.  What I should have said was GUTTER BALL!  At least for me...  Last night was See3P0's and my first bowling class.  We are the worst in the class.  At least I am.  To be honest, for all my talk about See3P0's stiff joints, he's better at bowling than I am!  He got a 140 last night.  All I got were 8 gutter balls and a spare (which is when you get half of your pins on your first shot for that turn, and then get the rest of them on your next shot.)
My only qualm about having this class is I come home late when Luke is already in bed.  Tired.  I miss all his stories about college and his new Space Ship Bumper Sticker lab.  (Wonder what that's all about...)  I didn't know that that was a necessary course for learning how to be a pilot!

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