Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I Was Doomed!

That was RUUUUDE!!!  I had U R Doomed Pest Control over this morning to finish the job of eradicating all the pests in our household.  When he left, the Super Duper Battle Droid left me a bill and said, "I hope you enjoyed our service.  Please check us out on the web at"
That seemed like a strange website address for a pest control named U R Doomed.  Anyway, I said I might check it out.
Then when he drove off in his ship, I went into my office to finish some blueprints for an Awesomely Fantastic Creative Jeddi Starfighter when I noticed something was rather wrong.  The blueprints were gone!!!  You must understand!  If I finish these blueprints, I stand I huge chance of getting a raise at the Jeddi Temple.  Needless to say, I was worried.  I called Luke on his cell phone (he's commuting to the space academy) and asked him if he knew where they were.  He said no (the helpful child...).  So my next assumption was that U R Doomed Pest Control had accidentally sucked them up with his bugvac (those things are pretty powerful).  So I tracked him down and made him give them back.  Strangely enough, he didn't have to open up his bugvac to get them.  They were sitting in his lap!  However, he didn't give them over without grumbling, "General Grevious is going to kill me!  I was supposed to get those plans to him without delay and..."
And I said, "HOOOOLD on!!!  You work for Grevious?"
"Yes," he said, "Can't you read my uniform?"
It said "U R Doomed Pest Control Employee: Dave."  Finally, I understood.  I told the Super Duper Battle Droid named Dave, "I am so disappointed with your business!  You know why?  It's because of your terrible customer service!"  And then I stalked off to my ship with the blueprints safely under my armpit.
I hope that stung.
Anyway, we got rid of all the pests in our house, at least, most of them...

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