Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Kanobi Post #3

This is master Yoduh's turn:

YODUH: Written a post I haven't ever since hacked on to Anikin's blog I did in 2008 May of. Fun that was. Promised, I did, however, to hack on to it no more. But, Obi Won did the hacking this time!
Do as Wendu did, tell a story about Anikin I will: When 12 years old he was, taught Anikin the powers of static electricity Obi Won did. Got so powerful using the force in a combination with this electricity he did, that he could surprise any Jeddi by giving him a powerful ZAP in the rear. Considering banning this power, we were, when got a complaint from Count Dukoo we did that Anikin wasn't fighting fair. Complained he did that Anikin was zapping all his droids with static electricity. (Banned Count Dukoo had been from using lightning a long time ago. Not powerful enough we were to ban Darth Sideous, but happy we were with what we had accomplished...) Decided we did that it wasn't fair, so banned Anikin we did. We still blame him whenever we have rubbed our hands on our coats too much and we get zapped.

OBI WON: When was this? I don't remember this...

YODUH: On vacation to Tahiti you were.

OBI WON: That's right. I remember you mentioning something about static electricity when I got back.

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