Saturday, August 22, 2009

Kanobi Post #5

This is Ki Adi Mundee's post:
KI ADI MUNDEE: I have a story about Anikin when he first became old enough to drive a Jeddi Starfighter.  He had rather enjoyed his flight in a nabu fighter when he was 8 years old and it was still fresh in his memory.  Actually, he thought that those fighters were the types of ships that we Jeddi had.  When he saw the Jeddi Starfighters that we had and still have, he called them "clunkers" and lots of names like that.  We had a secret meeting and Master Wendu went out that night and purchased a 1967 starfighter and brought it back.  The next morning, we told Anikin that he didn't need to bother about driving one of our "clunkers" that we had another ship for him to drive.  He beamed, but when we took him to the garage and he saw the definition of a clunker that Master Wendu had purchase, he said, "Oh, uh....that's quite alright....I think I'm getting excited about driving a Jeddi fact I LOOOVE Jeddi can just return this....thanks all the same..."
We racked up another victory in the Jeddi vs. Bad attitudes battle.
OBI-WON: I remember this happening.  The real clunker that we bought was missing one of its engines and didn't even have a deflector shield...
KI ADI MUNDEE: Yes, compared to that ship, a Jeddi starfighter looks like a real beauty.
OBI-WON: I rather think Jeddi Starfighters are classy.  But that's my opinion...

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