Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Kanobi Post #2

Well, Master Wendu and Master Yoduh both said they would be honored to write posts for Anikin's blog. It's Master Wendu's turn...:

WENDU: Yeah, I have a story about when Anikin traded his black Jeddi boots for some yellow rubber one's and wore them to a Jeddi council. They were so popular that everyone in the council except master Yoduh, Obi Won, and myself traded for their own set. Then everyone in the Jeddi temple did the same. (The Jeddi in the outer regions didn't get the memo until the fad was over...)
Finally, the Jeddi boot company that we had supported for 50 years asked us if we were boycotting them. Out went the yellow rubber boots...

OBI WON: Is this an old story?

WENDU: No, this happened several weeks ago...

OBI WON: Oh, that's right...

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