Sunday, August 23, 2009

Kanobi Post #6

This is my last post.  I think I wll write the last story about Anikin:
This happened recently.  After Lea's wedding, in fact.  Padmae decided to go to visit her relatives after the party (don't ask me why...women (Padmae in particular) sometimes make impulse decisions that make no sense to me...  Maybe it's just because I'm a guy.)  Anyway, she went and left the two men (Luke and Anikin) in the house alone.  When dinner came rolling around, Luke asked Anikin what he was going to fix, he said, "Well, let's see what's in the fridge..."
  They looked and pulled out some containers.  They had a pretty good lunch without having to make anything.  Finally, Anikin said, "Hey Luke, let's get some dessert!"  They looked and looked and finally found something that looked promising.  They pulled out a container and it contained what might have once been banana pudding.  It was fuzzy by then, however.  And Luke thought it looked cute!  He decided to name it Freddie, and Anikin said, "That's cool.  Let's get the hamster cage I got at that hanger sale once and we can put him in it!"  So they kept "Freddie" and it was great for them, because they didn't have to feed him at all.  When Padmae got back 3 days later, she made them throw Freddie away.  Anikin was sad.  And he quoted to me later, "But the memory of Freddie will live on in our hearts..."

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