Thursday, March 12, 2009

Ballet Becomes Even More Useful

Yesterday, I saved See3P0 from Grievous. Grievous said that he wanted See3 so he could have a college reunion, but I told him that See3 was a respectable personage that would not want to meet all the friends that would probably be all the wildest people from the college that he and Grievous went to. Of course, Grievous wanted to fight it out. I told him I had no time, that I had some bush-hogging to do. But he insisted. So I used some of my ballet tricks that I used on Count Dukoo last year. He didn't get dizzy (like the Count) but he thought they were so funny that he laughed so hard that he fainted (I didn't know robots could breath). Anyway, I picked him up and threw him down a garbage chute and we flew away in my Starfighter. But before we left, I made sure I went by the Darkside Diner's drivethrough window and picked up a burger (the best!). All in all, we had a fun day. (I wonder how long it will take those Storm Troopers to find Grievous...)

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