Wednesday, February 25, 2009

How do I get into these predicaments?

Yesterday morning, Padmae asked (actually, she TOLD me) that she wants me to renovate the yard (which would explain why I didn't write a post yesterday. I haven't finished this job, I just got a quick chance to write a post before I went out there again!). We have an acre lot with overgrown plants (- um, weeds) all over the backyard (except for the 20" x 20" patch of land that my wife calls her garden). My wife wants me to bush hog the whole backyard (in which some of the plants are taller than me!). But does she want me to rent a bush hogging VEHICLE? Ooooh no! She wants me to do it with a lawn mower, hedge clippers, an ax, and a machete. I mean, come ON! I am a 43 year old man and I am not feeling any younger. Besides, I have a lot to do right now with my recent promotion and all that jazz. But if I tell her this, she will say, "Well, you had enough time to work on your album for your rock band!"

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