Monday, March 2, 2009

New Mission

I apologize for not writing a post in the last 3 days. On Friday and Saturday I was working on the bush hogging mission Padmae gave me, and on Sunday I was taking advantage of a little necessity I call REST! I haven't quite finished Padmae's mission, but the Jeddi council gave me new one that starts tomorrow. (Since this is business, I must do this one first, then I have the cleaning of the yard to look forward to...) The Jeddi Council wants me to find out which lightsaber company will give us the best deal. (This is one of the mistakes George Lucas made in the movies. We don't make our lightsabers... we BUY them!) I am to travel to several planets (Moss Eyesley, Hothe, and Uvo X) and figure this out. I hate shopping.

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