Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Luke is Leaving Later (Good Grief! 3 L's!)

Luke is leaving later to go to Tatouine so that he can replenish my Wukerfilmydoodle's food supply. That kid is awesome. I will miss him when he leaves to go to the Space Academy College. Thankfully, that is not in the immediate future...
Speaking of future, Hon and Lea are going out on Friday. They will be going to a Mexican restaurant so that Hon can try hot sauce this time...


  1. So are you going to have to go to Tatooine when Luke goes to Space Academy?

  2. To buy food for Dood you mean? Well, I am hoping to be off of my diet so I can eat as much fun food at my mom's house as I want! (That is unless she makes me eat salads...)