Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Banana Pudding?

R2 is still gone. I sent a search party for him. (I have my suspicions that he is on the death star.) Storm Troop has said that he auto pilots my jedi starship over to the death star every tuesday for banana pudding (?). I will go over there and check it out. Somebody once said, "You know, that droid (meaning R2) has caused me a lot of trouble!"
Want to know who? His name was Luke Skywalker. He said it in Episode IV.


  1. Yeah, you said, "Oh he excels in that sir!" in reply to Luke.

  2. We're missing BANANA pudding! Could somebody re-program that droid or something!

  3. Good grief. I am going to have to make him go exercise or something to work off all that junk food!