Friday, September 19, 2008

It Sure Doesn't Look Like Spring to ME

Today, Padmae decided to do her "spring cleaning". Actually, I call it "summer going on fall cleaning". She says that we didn't do it this we need to catch up. It has taken me a while to write a post 'cause when ever I sit down at my laptop she says, "Oh, Ani, could you ______" (Fill in the blank) I finally finished all the: vacuuming, dusting, sorting, alphabetizing, scrubbing spraying, etc. etc.... So NOW I can write a post. Thankfully, this kind of work only comes once a year....


  1. I abhor spring cleaning. I rarely do it though.... Only when the piles of junk start floating around my knees........

  2. We have machines to do all the work. Darth Vader came up with them: we have drawer organizer, vacuuming/dusting/window-washer, bed-makers, bathroom cleaners, and (this is Darth Sideous's least favorite); closet cleaner droids. Darth Sideous complains that they intrude on his special equipment and collections.