Wednesday, September 10, 2008


We had Luke's birthday today. It was a small party, but a fun one! He had a Star Wars theme (how surprising!) for his party. Padmae and I gave him the Cool Guy 82 video game. Owen and Beroo gave him a Lego Star Wars video game (I will play it tonight when he's in bed! Just kidding...), and Lea gave him a new lightsaber that she bought at Lightsaber's 'R Us. It is a nice one. I have no idea how much she paid for it!!! My mom (Shmee) and stepdad gave him a cell phone that came with a free probe. They're called Probephones. They are not only cell phones, but you can also send that tiny probe anywhere in the galaxy and see what it sees by looking on the cell phone screen. (I am pretty sure Master Obi-Won will rent it from Luke so he can follow me to make sure I stay on my diets...)
Over all, it was a fun birthday. (I just hope Luke will let me borrow his presents every once in a while...)


  1. I WANT to come over to your house. I LOOOVE COOL GUY 82!!!

  2. The last video game I played was the Lego Star Wars one. Darth Sideous banned us from computer and video games because he said it was taking all of our time. I just surf the web every now and then!

  3. From what you guys take your jobs I think Sid is being irrational to do that!