Friday, February 6, 2009

Wendusbad Caverns

Today we arrived at Uvo IV. Then we went to Wendusbad Caverns (heh! No joke). But aside from the overly-appropriate name, we had a pretty good time. Padmae was happy pretty much the whole way through, but she wasn't that thrilled when I jumped over the guard rails to have a look at a stalagtite. (Neither was the tourguide!) But she (my wife, I mean) brightened up when we got to the gift shop. She bought a little model of a stalagmite. I bought a picture of one to give to my Jeddi homework teacher Master Wendu and am going to write on the back, "Thanks for all the homework. Love, Ani". It would have been a perfect day except that Padmae told me that our last stop on our vacation is Shopping Spree Mall! Ugh!

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