Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Who Knew!

Well, what do you know! Last night, Hon asked Lea to dinner at Spaceship Grill. When Lea got back, she told us they were ENGAGED!!! (They are planning to be married on the 18th of June) Hon had hidden the ring in Lea's dessert. When she saw it he asked her! I am pretty excited. (I just wish Hon had been a little more prudent in deciding where to hide it! [He could have CHOKED my daughter!!!])
Anyway, this will be very interesting having a smuggler for a son-in-law!


  1. I thought you said that Hon is a rascal and only thinks of himself?

  2. I knew. I TRIED to discurage him when Isaw him buying the ring when I got your giftcard. But NOOOOO.