Friday, January 2, 2009

My BIRTHDAY Yesterday!

Yesterday was my birthday!  I had a blast (that's why I didn't get a chance to write a post).  First thing in the morning, I slept in until 10!  Then, I had a 12 o' clock breakfast.  Then I opened my presents.  I got a new skateboard from Master Yoduh (he and I are skateboarding buddies), I got a cool new xbox game from Luke and Lea.  From all the rest of the Jeddi, I got a awesome lounge chair for my "office" (really, it's just a renovated closet!).  And finally, I got a totally new ship from Padmae (I mean, I have my Jeddi Starfighter, but that is for business.  This was for joyriding!)!
After I opened my presents Padmae, Lea, Luke and I all went out to the Darkside Diner.  I ordered steak with chocolate chip fudge for dessert.  It was an awesome day!
(Oh, and to all who didn't have a birthday to celebrate; "Happy New Year!!!")


  1. We got you the XBOX because I think Mom's poodle Fuzzy broke your XBOX that you got on Father's day(you know, the post called "SWEEEEEEEEEEEET!!!").

    At Darkside Diner, I ordered the hamburger that was twice the size of a normal hamburger; commonly known as "The Darth Vadir-Burger"(sounds kinda fitting).

    Dad said Master Yoduh wanted to meet Dad at the Jeddi Temple for a skateboarding race around the temple(That's why Master Yoduh got Dad a skateboard for his birthday). 8$

  2. That master Yo! What a cheapskate! He has bAGS of $$$ and gave me $8!!!

  3. Insult me, you should not!