Friday, May 30, 2008


Hello all. As we are coming up on the weekend, I trust your week went well. Mine was sort of hectic, but...we won't go there! I am writing this post as I am bidding on ebay for tickets. I am getting tickets for a new movie that came out in my galaxy. It is called Wading Through Water. From the reviews I have read about it, it will be great. It is about a Jeddi who's Jeddi Starfighter breaks and he lands on a water planet inhabited by hostile aliens. And a long time ago, he swore that he would never use a blaster. But he left his light saber at home and all he has to fight with is a blaster. It is made by Wrinkled Arts. The Jeddi council and I are going to see it tomorrow. I will write again afterwords to tell how it went.


  1. Wrinkled Arts...hmmm... Would that be the Wrinkled Arts owned by Mr. Wrinkled's uncle?

  2. You guys would never believe what goes on in this Death Star. It's a crazy place and Darth Sideous is an ace at owning almost everything.

  3. He tried owning me, but I turned down the "opportunity"!