Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Last Post

Well everybody, you might be wondering why I haven't posted in MONTHS and MONTHS!  Well, to be honest, nothing much has happened worth posting.  My life may actually be going back to normal.
Oh, but I must tell you.  Lea will eventually have her baby.  They have found out that it is a boy!  They have even intimated what they are going to name him.  Believe it or not, he will be named Anikin Solo!  Wow!  When they told me, I told Hon that the baby might even look like me.  Lucky kid!  But Hon didn't look too happy about the idea.  Anyways, that is the only big thing that has happened lately.
I know this may make some of you cry, but I am going to stop writing this blog.  I think my life may take to new avenues.  I might try my hand at gardening, I might write a book on how to be the most awesome jeddi in history, or I might just apply to be the chairman of the jeddi council.  Well...maybe I can't do any of those things well.  But I have decided it's time for my life to move on.  I have really appreciated my readers' interest in this blog and I hope you guys have enjoyed reading it.  Who knows?  Maybe another blog with this same style of writing might show up sometime soon.  But I am finished and have enjoyed it thoroughly.  Thank you for your interest.
Anikin Skywriter signing off.  The force be with you!