Tuesday, July 28, 2009

That Stinks!

Well, let me catch everybody up on what has been happening lately.  Master Wendu finished his script and we scrapped that one too.  He was too focused on his complaints about Jeddi council and how we hate to meet on Saturdays and all that junk.  He was so focused on making his point that there was hardly any story.  Guess who the load of writing a script fell on next?  Yours truly.  I finally finished it on Saturday when Master Wendu called me up and said that they decided a movie would be too hard to do.  Sheesh!  I had a great script about this Jeddi who dies and ends up at the Jeddi beach in the sky.  A sort of paradise where you get all the fudge you can eat!
Bungee jumping went well.  Nothing much to report...

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